A Farewell to Vine

Twitter announced this week that is was shutting down its Vine operation.

Vine was an app that allowed users to create six-second videos.

When I first heard about it back in 2013, I thought how much could really be accomplished in a six-second video.

As it turned out, quite a bit, actually.

Here’s a clip of one of the leading vine video creators, Zach King.

Started in 2013, Vine had grown to over 200 million users, and 39 millions videos were posted to its site.

Unfortunately, that was not enough.

In order to compete in the world of social media, firms need to gather not only millions of users, which then makes it easier to sell advertising on its app.

While Vine has over 200 million users, executives were unable to generate sufficient revenue to keep Vine as a viable operation.

While I have only created one Vine video, just to see how it works. As seen in the video above, there are some special things one can do with Vine with enough practice and patience.

I am a big fan of Twitter, and I hope that it survives. I was sad tothear about the closing of Vine, but if that’s what it takes for Twitter to keep moving on, then sometime executives need to make those tough decisions.

I wish Twitter the best, and hope that (and your old Vines) you are still around 50 years from now.

Long live Twitter!

*image from CNN Money

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