A Startling Statistic

I’m not sure how we got on the topic, but a couple of weeks ago I decided to take a poll of my students and ask them what type of smartphone they had.

Before I share the results of the survey, some background data.

On a worldwide basis, Android phones have a commanding lead over iPhones, with about 80% of the market compared to just 20% for iPhones. In the U.S., the difference is not as dramatic, but Android phones still have a significant lead over iPhones, with about 65% market share versus just 35% for iPhones.

So I was expecting my poll to approximate such results, but it wasn’t even close.

In my four sections of freshmen business students, out of a total of 84 students, only three students did not have an iPhone.

That’s a 96% market share for iPhones!

I’m not sure how to interpret such a startling statistic.

I have seen some stats that indicate that the iPhone is relatively more popular among younger individuals and among those with higher household incomes, which are certainly two categories that Villanova students fall into. But when I say relatively more popular, it doesn’t mean that the iPhone has a higher market share among these demographics, it’s just that the discrepancy is not as wide as it is for the overall U.S. population.

So that makes the 96% market share for iPhones even more remarkable.

I’m also not sure what Apple or Google or an Android phone company like Samsung should do with such info, but I’m sure they would be quite interested in seeing the results of this survey.

So there you go Apple, Google, and Samsung. The ball is in your court now, I’d be curious to know what your reactions are.

And if you want me to be a shill to my students for your phone over your competitors, please know that I can be bought pretty cheaply.

A personalized tour of your corporate headquarters, lunch with your CEO, and a shout out on your social media platforms about my blog should do the trick.

I’ll wait to hear from you.

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