An Open World Begins With an Open Mind

One of my colleagues at Villanova was telling me recently that he and his wife recently had their DNA tested and found the results fascinating.

I then came across the following commercial from momondo, a Danish company.

When I first saw the commercial. I thought that Momondo was a DNA testing company, since that is the focus of the commercial.

In reality, Momondo is a flight comparison site that searches across airlines, travel sites, and low cost carriers, finds the best flight tickets, and directs the traveler for free to the companies that sell them.

So why the whole DNA thing?

The video shows people from around the world first talking about their heritage and what some of their cultural biases may be. The participants then have their DNA tested, and we get to watch their emotional reactions when their DNA profile is revealed. It is at this point that the video uses the phrase, “You Have More in Common with the World Than You Think.”

The people running the DNA study then ask the participants if they would like to find out more about where they are from, encouraging them to travel to the countries shown on their DNA profile.

To me, it’s a clever promotion, taking a person’s DNA and linking it to possible travel destinations.

Momondo refers to the promotion as the DNA Journey, and this is what it has to say about the campaign on its web site:

We only have one world, but it’s divided. We tend to think that there are more things dividing us than uniting us.

momondo was founded on the belief that everybody should be able to travel the world, to meet other people, and experience other cultures and religions. Travel opens our minds: when we experience something different, we begin to see things differently.

To celebrate the colourful diversity of the world, we invite you to join The DNA Journey. We hope it will inspire you to explore your own diversity and discover how you are connected to the rest of the world.

After reading that, the DNA link seems almost natural.

But I must admit, my first reaction to the video was that “Now I want to get my DNA tested”, and not “Now I want to travel to the countries listed on my DNA profile”.

But either way, I think the commercial is a success for several reasons:

  • first, it made me familiar with momondo, a company I had never heard of
  • second, it it did a nice job of showing the value of getting your DNA tested
  • third, if I find out that I have some ancestors from Denmark, I may just want to plan a trip there.

Booking the trip through momondo of course…

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