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Morning Consult, “a media and technology company at the intersection of politics, policy, Wall Street, and business strategy” according to its web site, just released its ranking of the most admired employers.

The results are based on surveying over 220,000 adults, and the rankings are broken down by age, gender, education, political affiliation, geographic region, and income level.

The top five overall companies, in order, were

  1. Google
  2. Disney
  3. Amazon
  4. Apple
  5. Microsoft.

If I were to list my top five favorite companies, those would be it. So I guess I’m not too different than the average American in regards to which companies I admire

When broken down into various categories, you can start to see some difference.

For gender, I’m much more closely aligned with women than men. Tesla seems like a cool company, but Harley Davidson probably would not even make my top 100 list.


Men Women
Google  Google
 Harley-Davidson  Disney
 Tesla  Amazon
 Amazon  Apple
 Microsoft  Microsoft

For Political Party, I am more aligned with the Democrats, since the other two groups mention Harley Davidson.

Democrat Independent Republican
Google Google Amazon
Disney Disney Harley-Davidson
Amazon Amazon Google
Microsoft Harley-Davidson Disney
Apple Microsoft Apple

For Education, it’s the same five companies for both Bachelor’s and Post graduate degree holders. Less than college includes Harley Davidson.

Less than college Bachelor’s degree Post graduate degree
Google Google Google
Disney Apple Amazon
Amazon Amazon Apple
Harley-Davidson Disney Microsoft
Microsoft Microsoft Disney

For age, I would be closely aligned with the Millennials. YouTube has replaced Apple in the top five (Apple is ranked 7th, after Netflix). As for the Baby Boomers, what’s with Lockheed Martin?

Millennials Gen X Baby Boomers
Google Google Amazon
Disney Disney Disney
Amazon Amazon Harley-Davidson
Microsoft Microsoft Lockheed Martin
YouTube Harley-Davidson Apple

For Income, I’m much more aligned with the middle column, with Tesla replacing Microsoft in the highest income bracket.

Under 50K 50K to 100K Over 100K
Google Google Google
Disney Amazon Apple
Amazon Disney Amazon
Harley-Davidson Microsoft Tesla
Microsoft Apple Disney

For Geographic region, they all list the same five companies, except for the South, which has replaced Apple with Harley Davidson.

Midwest Northeast South West
Google Google Google Google
Disney Disney Amazon Amazon
Amazon Apple Disney Disney
Harley-Davidson Amazon Apple Microsoft
Microsoft Microsoft Microsoft Apple

I’m not sure what all of the above really means, but I’m sure it’s no coincidence that of the top five overall companies listed, all of them except Disney are among the top five most valuable firms based on stock market value. The only company missing is Facebook, which is ranked fifth in market value. I am surprised that it never made the top five in any of the categories noted above (it didn’t even make the top 30 overall, which is all I can see on the Morning Consult web site).

It’s worth noting that Inc. claims that surveys like this are more a measure of brand familiarity and product attractiveness rather than an informed desire to work for a certain company.

Putting that caveat aside, I’d happily work at any of the overall top five companies. As to which would be my favorite place to work, how about mornings at Google and afternoons at Disney.

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