Boxes of Bullshit and Digging a Hole – Cards Against Humanity and Black Friday

Cards Against Humanity, whose slogan is “a party game for horrible people”, has taken a unique approach to Black Friday.

Two years ago, the company removed all of its regular products from its online store, and only sold boxes of bullshit for $6 a box. Some of the people who ordered the box were actually surprised when a box of poop arrived at their door.

Here’s a video of someone unboxing his package of bullshit:

The company sold out of all 30,000 boxes on the first day. The company claims that the box cost them $5.80 to produce and ship, and donated the $6,000 profit to charity.

Last year, the company once again removed all of its products from its online store on Black Friday, and this time, for $5, they sold nothing.

According to the company, 11,248 people gave them $5, and 1,199 people gave them more than $5 by filling out the form more than once. One enthusiastic fan gave them $100. In the end, they made a windfall profit of $71,145.

And what did they do with that profit? Well, they kept it all, and its employees were free to spend the proceeds on whatever they wanted. Here is the list of what the employees bought, from 760 pounds of cat litter to Dinner for Two at Schwa (for $450).

So what did the company do this year?

They dug a hole.

If you want to read about why they are digging a hole, you can learn more here.

Actually, you won’t learn anything, they are just digging a hole. For every dollar donated, the company added several seconds to the “dig clock.” When all was said and done, the company had raised over $100,000.

According to CNBC, the majority of folks appeared to have donated $5 to the campaign, but there were several people who spent more than $1,000 for the “cause.” It is unclear if all of the $100,573 raised went into the equipment rental and labor costs or if the company has any leftover funds for use as it sees fit. The company is slated to release an update about the event soon.

I love it when companies show a sense of humor.

I always look forward to Google’s April Fools’ Day prank, and Geico’s commercials usually bring at least a smile to my face, if not a chuckle.

So cheers to Cards Against Humanity for not taking everything so seriously. Of course, not everyone finds what they are doing funny, telling the company it should donate the money it receives from such stunts to charity. But the company was prepared for such questions.

In response to the question,

“Why aren’t you giving all this money to charity?“,

Cards Against Humanity had the perfect comeback:

Why aren’t YOU giving all this money to charity? It’s your money.

Well said.

Hopefully this becomes an annual tradition at CAH; I’m already looking forward to Black Friday, 2017.

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