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Tonight Mary (my wife), Patrick (our youngest son), and I went to see Boz Scaggs in concert at the Keswick Theater, and for my wife and I it was a trip down memory lane.

It wasn’t just the music that brought back some great memories, but the fact that our first date 38 years ago was to a Boz Scaggs concert. I wrote briefly about that nearly disastrous date before; fortunately a dipstick came to the rescue. There was no need for any MacGyver-type moves tonight, but I did have AAA on speed-dial in case there was a problem.

Before tonight’s concert, Patrick did a quick Google search on Boz and told us that he is almost 72 years old! I was curious to find out if his unique voice is still as captivating as it was 38 years ago. And I can say without hesitation that he sounds as great today as he did 40 years ago.

He did a nice mix of some of his classics, as well as some of his newer material. It was a goosebumps moment being part of the capacity crowd of 1,300 people that sang along with Boz the chorus to the Lido Shuffle,

One more for the road
Lido.. whoa oh oh oh

(apologies for the quality of the short video clip below, Tim Cook can sympathize with me…)

My favorite Boz song is probably “We’re All Alone”. Unfortunately he did not play it tonight, so when I got home, I had to look for a video of it, and here is a great one:

But Boz and his band did perform an amazing rendition of Loan Me a Dime; if you are not familiar with this 15-minute song, here’s one more for the road…



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