Commercial of the Week: ‘Parents’ by Coca-Cola Life


I must admit that I like when I decide to do my weekly “favorite commercial” blog, since there is a never ending supply of great commercials to choose from. Plus it’s more fun doing research on the best commercials than on crime and punishment

To find this week’s commercial I went to the Adweek web site, which puts together an annual list of the best commercials of the past year. While I could have chosen any of the ads from the best of 2014, I chose the one by Coke because it brings back such great memories.

Our oldest son is 32 years old now, but my wife and I remember everything (well, almost everything) from that time; the pregnancy, the miracle of birth, his first birthday, and then when he had a baby brother at the age of three.

This commercial from Coke celebrates those moments; I hope you enjoy it.

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