Congratulations, You’ve Freed Up 30 Hours per Week! Now What Do You Do?

At the Digital Life Design conference in 2015, Henry Blodget, editor and CEO of Business Insider, opened his talk with some interesting data.

Blodget noted that over the past 150 years, humanity has collectively saved ourselves about 30 hours of work per week through our increased productivity. Here is the chart he used to support such a claim:


And then he posed a question to the audience.

“What do you think we’ve done with all of those extra hours?”

And the surprising, and disconcerting answer, is that we now watch 28 hours of TV per week.

It seems like in an ideal world, the extra time would be spent on things like traveling, having meaningful dialogue with others, enjoying nature, improving our fitness, and creative activities such as drawing, sculpting, dancing, singing, or writing.

But 28 hours of TV watching? While we seem to be in a golden age of TV with several great shows, that seems a bit much.

As Blodget points out, those extra 30 hours per week offer us lots of room for improvement.

So how will you spend your 30 hours?

If you would like to watch the entire Blodget talk, which contains a fascinating overview of the tech industry and where he believes it is headed, here is the video. I’m just not sure if a YouTube video counts as part of the 28 hours of TV watching…



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