Find a Leaking Ship


This is the tenth in a collection of newspaper ads from United Technologies that appeared in the Wall Street Journal from the late 1970s through the early 1980s. The link to the original ad is at the end of this post.

The ad this week is a timely one for Memorial Day.

The ad notes how America went from its greatest naval loss at Pearl Harbor to its greatest naval victory at Midway in just six months. A turnaround that changed the course of history.

The ad encourages us to be on the lookout for all types of struggling organizations, whether it is a failing business, a scout troop, a church choir, a public school, or a city council. We may have the right skill set, access to capital, new idea, or simply the willingness to serve that could “plug the leaks” at these organizations.

As the ad points out, your effort can make a difference.

Here is the United Technologies ad that inspired this post.

I also want to express my gratitude to those who have given their lives fighting for our country. Your efforts made a difference.

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