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This is the second in a collection of newspaper ads from United Technologies that appeared in the Wall Street Journal from the late 1970s through the early 1980s.

Each one of the ads was a classic, and as soon as I start reading one of the ads now, it all comes back to me, over 30 years later.

Here’s the ad, titled “Get Out of That Rut”; click on the ad to read it full screen.

get_out_of_that_rutWhile all the suggestions are just as useful now as they were 30 plus years ago, here are some activities that may have made the list if United Technologies came out with the ad today:

  • start reading, and writing, a blog
  • take an online class
  • open a Twitter account, and start tweeting
  • use the Shuffle feature on your iPhone when listening to music
  • create, edit, and share a video on YouTube
  • use Duck Duck Go as your search engine
  • play 18 holes of Tiger Woods golf
  • learn to program in Java
  • skip work and  watch a movie using Netflix
  • go vegan for 30 days

After all, #YOLO.

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Jim Borden

Accounting Prof. at Villanova; happily married for 30+ years; father of 3 outstanding young men; vegan; interests: fitness, creativity, education, blogging, social media.

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