Happy First Day of Summer, from Mungo Jerry

To me, it’s one of the all-time classic songs.

And to think that someone made a music video back in 1970 so that future generations can share in the joy of such music.

Some of the lyrics might be considered a bit questionable or a bit dated:

Have a drink, have a drive
Go out and see what you can find

I don’t think you would find such lyrics in music written today. In fact,  the song was used in a UK advert for the campaign Drinking and Driving Wrecks Lives.

If her daddy’s rich take her out for a meal
If her daddy’s poor just do what you feel

Hmmmm…. not sure if those two lines would go over so well today either, and I’m not sure if it did back in the 70s either.

Speed along the lane
Do a ton or a ton an’ twenty-five

From what I can tell by researching it online, do a ton or ton an’ twenty five is referring to driving 100-125 miles per hour. Again, not sure if the NHTSA would be happy with such a line today, When combined with the drinking noted above, these recommendations tart to have a dangerous feel to them.

My guess is that back in the 70s, people didn’t think too much about these sorts of issues, but fortunately society has evolved in a good way.

Despite these problems with some of the lyrics, it does nothing to detract from how great the song is.

Best wishes for a happy summer, and keep these words of Mungo Jerry in mind:

We’re always happy
Life’s for livin’ yeah, that’s our philosophy

Couldn’t agree more…

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