How a Bachman-Turner Overdrive Song Led to My Most Famous Twitter Follower

My son and I were driving back from the gym (well, OK, Planet Fitness) and listening to the radio (WMGK) and the song “Takin’ Care of Business” by BTO came on the radio.

After my shouting out the refrain over and over, the song finally came to an end, and the DJ, Andre Gardner, shared an interesting tidbit about the song.

Apparently while BTO was in the studio recording “Takin’ Care of Business”, they had some pizza delivered. The pizza delivery guy listened to the song and told Randy Bachman that he thought it needed some piano. Randy replied that they did not have a piano player, but the pizza delivery guy said he played the piano, and so Randy invited him to add a piano track to the song. Randy’s initial thought was to just erase the piano part after the pizza guy left, but BTO ended up liking the song better with the piano. So, “Takin’ Care of Business” has a piano part on it played by a pizza delivery guy.

How cool is that!

My immediate thought was that the story somehow reminded me of the classic “More Cowbells” skit from Saturday Night Live, and my second thought was that this sounds like material for a blog post. I asked my son to send me a text message that said “BTO pizza cowbell” so that I wouldn’t forget the idea while driving home.

So the first thing I did when I got home was to hop on Google and search for a little more background material on the pizza delivery story

Unfortunately, the first search result that came up was from Snopes 🙁

Apparently the intriguing version of events that has the piano part played by an anonymous delivery man was an embellishment on Randy’s part: the mystery pianist was not someone who had just happened to stop by to deliver a pizza, but rather a musician who was already present in the facility because he was working with the Steve Miller Band in an adjacent studio.

So I thought, oh well, it was still an interesting story, but I wasn’t sure I could write anything about it.

I did however decide to send a twitter message to the DJ, Andre Gardner, letting him know what I found. It was the first time I’ve sent a message to a radio DJ (my son has done it a few times), and I wasn’t expecting him to even get the message, let alone reply.

Well, he did; here’s the brief conversation we had:


Mind you, this was taking place while he was still doing his show on the radio!

I was impressed that he not only replied to my initial tweet, but he also apparently took the time to read my Twitter profile and discovered that we were fellow vegans.

And then the best part – about five minutes later I received a notification that Andre had started following me in Twitter!

Andre is one of the best and most well-known radio DJs in Philadelphia, and his show on WMGK (102.9) is during the key afternoon drive time. He also hosts a weekly syndicated specialty show on Sunday mornings, Breakfast with the Beatles.

In other words, he’s a big deal, and I’m just someone that tweets out stories from the Wall Street Journal every day.

Needless to say, he is the most famous person that follows me, and I quickly returned the favor.

I’m guessing that after a week or so, Andre will likely mute my Twitter account, after all, how interesting can stories about the Federal Reserve be to someone who has interviewed Paul McCartney multiple times?

Anyway, the exchange made my day, and I ended up getting a blog post out of it after all.

Thanks Andre, and I wish you continued success.

And for those of you were humming “Takin’ Care of Business” while reading this, here you go (interestingly enough, I don’t see a keyboard player…


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