How Do You Compare to the Average American?

I’ll warn you up front; the link to where I found this story takes you to the quiz section of the web site HowStuffWorks, which seems like it is one of those annoying sites where there is just a little bit of info on each page, and you have to keep clicking “next” to get to the following page.

Now that you’ve been warned, I thought you might find it interesting to look at some average statistics for Americans on a variety  of measures, such as weight, height, salary, spending habits, marriage, pregnancy, TV watching, level of debt, investing savvy, and items like level of trust in Congress and belief in astrology.

There are 35 questions, and I was able to guess the correct “average” for 25 of them.

Here is the link to the quiz.

Some of the answers I found surprising, such as the percentage of Americans who believe in God, and disappointing, like the percentage of Americans who are in support of the death penalty.

If you want to know what the answers are, you’re going to have to take the quiz.

It’s a nice way to waste 10-15 minutes of your day, and according to the averages, there’s probably a good chance you’ll be watching TV and eating a snack while taking the quiz.


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