How Life Unfolds

Who would have thought that a series of commercials about paper and packaging could tug at your heart strings?

Well, somehow the Paper and Packaging Board managed to do so.

Using the slogan “How Life Unfolds”, the commercials highlight the every day use of paper and packaging products that we take for granted.

Here’s an excerpt from its web site:

Paper and packaging products are so prevalent in our lives, they often go unnoticed. And yet they play a key role in helping us achieve more in life. They give us an outlet for our creativity. They help us solve problems and learn about the world around us. They connect us in thoughtful and meaningful ways, and help us make important contributions to a more sustainable future. So you can feel good about choosing paper and packaging products.

As of now, they have three commercials, and I think all of them are great. After watching the commercials, you’ll never look at paper and packaging products the same way. Enjoy!

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