Is There a More Haunting Song Than This?

My wife and I were at the funeral today for Chuck, the brother of a good friend of ours.

Chuck had served in the U.S. Marines, and as part of the funeral service, two Marines came in and saluted the deceased and then proceeded to unfold the U.S. flag. Once it was unfolded, the two Marines held it high, and the song ‘Taps” began to play.

For me, it’s an emotionally charged moment. The song immediately brought a sense of reverence for the deceased, in this case, Chuck. Here was a man who had risked his life because of love of country. I think every time I’ve heard Taps played, usually at a funeral, you can hear a pin drop, and today was no exception.

It was also impressive to watch the genuine care that the soldiers displayed during the service. From their crisp uniforms, to their precision walking, to presenting the flag to the wife of the deceased; they were proud professionals.

So thank you Chuck, as well as all  current and non-current military personnel for your service to our country.

And my deepest sympathies to Chuck’s family.

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