Life Is a Cabaret


My wife, son, and I went to see the Villanova Student Musical Theater (VSMT) group’s production of Cabaret tonight, and it was outstanding. Let me offer my congratulations and thanks to all the cast members and crew for all the time and talent you devoted to such a project. My guess is that it was a labor of love for all of you.

I’ve written before about VSMT after we saw its production of Seussical. VSMT is an entirely student run organization that produces at least two musicals per year. Besides performing, there are also opportunities in VSMT for students who may be interested in set building, sound and lighting, or other aspects of theater.

Before going to the play, my only knowledge of it was the song “Cabaret”. I was expecting the play to be a light-hearted musical about the various people that work and visit the local cabaret.

Well there was great music and a couple of love stories, but a key part of the play was depicting life in Berlin in 1931 as the Nazis were coming to power.

The play ended on a sobering note, and I couldn’t help but see some parallels between the play and the current state of the U.S.

There is no doubt that there are a large number of people unhappy with the direction our country is heading, and that unhappiness has manifested itself in the current results of the presidential campaigns.

I only hope that the outcome of our Presidential election is more uplifting than the outcome of Cabaret.

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