Life’s Unsatisfying Moments

Parallel, a motion design studio, has created an animated film that highlights some of life’s unsatisfying moments.

From the vending machine ripoff, to the spoon sliding into a bowl of soup, to the bouncing basketball finally deciding not to go in, to the close-but-no-cigar dart throw, to the bent nail, to the lip-out putt at mini golf, to the pinball that rolls perfectly between the flippers, to the gas pump that just misses stopping at a nice round number, the short video beautifully captures memories of all those frustrating times I’ve thought “are you kidding me?”

But while the video had me reliving such unsatisfying moments, it also made me feel good to know that apparently I’m not the only one who gets frustrated with such trivial matters.

Parallel has even started a “Life’s Unsatisfying Moments” challenge in which people can submit their own video of such moments.

I briefly considered entering a video into the challenge, but then I realized there were a couple of things stopping me from doing so.

First, I have no idea how to make an animated film, and second, they want you to limit your video to just 10 seconds.

I knew that once I got started thinking about all the little things that make me ask “why me?”, I’d have enough material for a feature length film.

So I am looking forward to watching the videos that are submitted, and feeling a sense of connection to a community of people who get as aggravated as I do at things that are of no consequence.

*photo courtesy of Peter Gerdes

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