Moms Demand Action on Common Sense Gun Laws

Early this morning my wife (that is not her in the photo) and I hopped on a train and headed into the great city of Philadelphia.

The reason for our journey was to support Moms Demand Action (MDA), a non-partisan grassroots movement to mobilize moms and families to advocate for stronger gun laws. MDA takes a common-sense, middle-ground solution to the escalating problem of gun violence in America are straightforward.

In conjunction with the Democrat Convention being held in Philadelphia, MDA had organized a large number of volunteers to spread its message and to encourage people to sign up to support common sense gun laws.

My wife and I signed up for the first shift, 6:00-8:00 am (which was changed to a start time of 7:00), and were asked to solicit people to join MDA. To help us in our efforts, we had a brief training session over the phone, and were given some sample opening lines to use when approaching people, such as the following:

Hi – Do you want to help end gun violence?
Hi – Can we talk to you about Gun Sense?
Hi – Can we talk to you about why Moms Demand Hillary?

I came up with my own slightly modified version that I planned to use:

“Hi. Are you interested in supporting common sense gun laws?”

It seemed to work, since I was successful in signing up several people to support such laws.

Unfortunately, a couple of times I got a little too excited when someone didn’t actively try to avoid me when they saw me approaching, and I ended up getting tongue-tied, and said the exact opposite of what I meant.

The first time it happened, I approached someone and said, “Are you interested in putting an end to common sense gun laws?”

The second time it happened, I think I said something along the line of,  “Are you interested in supporting gun violence?”

I’m not sure what the people who heard those lines thought, but needless to say, I was not successful in signing those people up (and that may have been a good thing…).

Anyway, it felt good to be doing something about a cause that my wife and I are passionate about – putting an end to gun violence in the U.S.

It’s also been great watching the convention tonight, and seeing the strong support the Democrats are showing for putting an end to gun violence.

Anyway, if you’re curious what is meant by common sense gun laws, here’s a couple of talking points we were given:

  • Gun sense is the simple idea that we can do much more to keep our families and communities safe from gun violence.
  • It’’s the belief that we, as Americans, don’’t have to tolerate 31,000 deaths from gun violence every single year.
  • The single biggest thing we can do is to keep guns out of the hands of people who shouldn’t have them, suspected terrorists, domestic abusers and other dangerous people.
  • We want to ensure that every person who buys a gun has to have a background check.
  • Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine are both gun sense champions and we’re going to do all that we can to ensure they are elected.

If that sound like something you want to support, here is the link to do so:


*image courtesy of Moms Demand Action:
a Moms Demand Action volunteer signs up a common sense gun law supporter

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    1. I think Moms Demand Action is campaigning for common sense gun laws. Personally, I would go even further, and just outright ban all guns. I know we disagree on this issue…



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