My 57 Seconds of YouTube Fame

A couple of years ago I happened to walk outside my house and I noticed one of the neighborhood cats chasing something down our street.

When I went to get a closer look, I noticed it was a baby rabbit which appeared to be injured.

My first thought was that this was not going to be a happy ending for the rabbit, given the reputation that most cats have. However, it didn’t appear as if the cat meant to do any harm, so I decided to film the action on my phone.

As it turned out, the video ended up with a decent number of views, almost 40,000. For me, that qualifies as viral. (For comparison purposes, a video I made about Cost Structure and Profitability, which was much more educational, only attracted 24 views. I guess that says something about accounting, my online teaching effectiveness, and our society’s obsession with cats…)

Perhaps part of the reason the video went “viral” was the title I used, “Cat and Baby Bunny Best Friends”, thinking that using the word cat would help attract viewers.

It was also quite convenient when I went to add some music to the video and found that one of the free music clips offered by YouTube seemed to fit perfectly.

So without further ado, here is the video.

Given the reach of my blog, I am sure I can another six or seven views to the total.

By the way, if you really want to see the video on Cost Structure and Profitability, here you go!

As I tell my students, this video comes in quite handy on those nights when you are having trouble falling asleep…

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