My #FirstSevenJobs

A week ago, singer/songwriter Marian Call asked her followers via Twitter: “What were your first 7 jobs?”

She relayed her own experience in providing the first answer: babysitting, janitorial, slinging coffee, yard work, writing radio news, voice-overs, data-entry/secretarial.

Before long, the hashtag #FirstSevenJobs began trending. Celebrities, entrepreneurs, CEOs–and everybody else–soon joined in. A quick search on Twitter for the phrase reveals the humble beginnings of numerous success stories–from Buzz Aldrin’s stint as a dishwasher to Stephen Colbert’s work selling futons.

I thought I would add my own list of the first seven jobs I’ve had, if my memory serves me correctly:

  • lifeguard
  • plant waterer
  • school janitor
  • collator
  • pizza delivery guy
  • groundskeeper
  • magazine salesman

And speaking of odd jobs, here’s Harry Chapin singing Odd Job Man. I have to admit I never had the kind of job Harry ended up with in the song…

Thanks to Fred Wilson for making me aware of this trending hashtag. I’d highly recommend his daily blog.

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