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As usual, I am a little bit behind the times.

I had never heard of Sebastian Maniscalco until last summer when Netflix began airing his first comedy special, “What’s Wrong With People?“. It was one of the funniest shows I have ever seen.

Apparently Sebastian has been doing stand-up comedy for over 15 years, but really started to hit his stride just a few years ago, and now he performs at sold out shows all around the country.

This past November his brand new Showtime standup special “Aren’t You Embarrassed?” debuted, which was also quite funny.

I’ve included a few clips of Sebastian below.

This first one I should have included when I wrote my blog post about jury duty, but better late than never.

The next is a clip from his first appearance on the Tonight show, with Jay Leno:

and here is a more recent appearance on the Tonight Show, with Jimmy Fallon:

I hope you enjoy him; we are looking forward to seeing him live when he comes to the Philly area this Fall!

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