My Three Favorite Super Bowl Commercials of 2017

Despite how great the game itself was (although I’m not a fan at all of the overtime rules), there didn’t seem to be any particular Super Bowl TV commercial that stood out from the rest.

Nonetheless, I thought I would share my three favorite ads, in no particular order.

I’ll start with the one that goes with the photo at the top of this post, which is from my high school yearbook.

This is an ad for Honda, encouraging the viewers to chase their dreams. It featured talking high school year book photos of teenagers who went on to become celebrities.

The ad motivated me to get out my yearbook and see who was on either side of me (I actually had to do some editing, since there were only two of us next to each other, so I added the guy before me into the picture.)

The first thing you might notice is that one of my friends thought it would be funny to write “What a spaz” next to my photo, so I could be reminded for the rest of my life what high school was like for me. I also have mixed feelings that the photo is black and white, since it doesn’t show my clever color combo of a dark blue shirt, a bright red jacket, and a white tie. Like I said, I’m not sure if the fact that the photo is in black and white is a good thing, but either way, the photo certainly reinforces the caption my friend added to it.

As to the guys on either side of me, I haven’t spoken to them since we graduated, and more likely it was probably several weeks before that. I have no idea what they are up to now, and I’m sure they could care less what I’ve been up to for the past 42 years. And by the way, I am not related to Joe Borden…

One final note, if you take a close look around the 45 second mark of the commercial, where it features Viola Davis, the guy next to her looks like my kind of guy, right down to the white tie.

The next commercial favorite was from TurboTax, and it featured Humpty Dumpty. I thought this was pretty funny, which is pretty hard to do when dealing with something like taxes.

The last of my favorite ads is one from Sprint. In this ad, we see a dad push his car over a cliff, with a dummy in the driver’s seat that’s supposed to look like him. After pushing the car over the cliff, he says to his young kids who are next to him, “Well kids, Daddy’s dead.” It turns out the reason he is faking his death is so that he can get out of his Verizon phone contract. His son says, “Isn’t that illegal?”, to which the dad replies, “What, are you a cop?”

I hope all the advertisers felt like they got their money’s worth. Word is that a 30-second ad cost 5 to 5.5 million dollars, and that’s not counting the cost of making the commercial. No wonder Fox was happy that the game went to overtime, they were able to bring in an extra $20 million!

While I’m sure some companies are already planning their ad for next year’s Super Bowl, my biggest hope is that the NFL is planning to make some changes to the overtime rules so that a flip of a coin doesn’t have such a big impact on the outcome.

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