Not Sure If This Is Another Ripley’s Believe It or Not, Or if I Just Learned Something New

I had a doctor’s appointment today because of swelling around my eye, the result of blocked tear duct.

I was feeling a bit feverish, and told the doctors that, and asked if they were going to take my temperature. Their response was that they do not see any value in taking temperatures, and that they actually had no thermometers in the office.

Now I’m not a doctor, but that just sounds crazy. At the moment, my temperature is 102.8, and when I called the doctor’s after hours number, he still did not seem concerned.

He said to just give the antibiotics a chance to work, and hopefully the temperature will revert to normal.

Like my title says, I’m not sure if this lack of belief in the value of temperature should be part of Ripley’s believe it or not, or if it is sound medical device.

I guess at this point it’s just wait and see.

In the meantime, I realize no one really cares about my medical problems, but I wanted to write something short and sweet, and this seemed the best way to go.

The one nice thing that came out of this is that my wife keeps telling me how hot I am…

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