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I was reading some of my old posts today (looking for inspiration), and I came across one I had forgotten about it. Not really sure why I would have written this in March of 2015, since it seems to be more of a Christmas holiday type post. Anyway, I thought I would share it once again.

Who’s Your Clarence?

Clarence Odbody, Angel Second Class, is one of the most memorable characters from the classic movie, It’s a Wonderful Life.

Clarence is charged with showing George Bailey how meaningful his life has been, despite George’s wish that he had never been born.

Clarence then goes on to show George what the world would have been like if had never been born, and George starts to realize what a positive impact he has had on others.

I think many of us go through life wondering if what we do makes a difference. Wouldn’t it be nice if we each had our own Clarence, someone who could actually show us the impact we have had on others?

But perhaps instead of waiting for our own personal Clarence to arrive, we can just make a commitment to do work that matters and  have confidence that we are making a difference.

And if you’re still looking for a Clarence, there’s nothing stopping you from being  Clarence. Show and tell someone else you know that their life has meaning, that the world is a better place because of who they are and what they do.

And that may be one of the best ways we can make a difference; after all, Clarence is the one who earned his wings.

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