One Smoke Over the Line*

This post is somewhat of a follow-up to yesterday’s post about Michael Bloomberg’s $360 million initiative to reduce tobacco use around the world.

In that post I noted that similar initiatives, such as his attempts to reduce sugar consumption and gun violence, are based on research evidence, and not just his own personal opinion.

Well today there was new research reported that smoking even one cigarette a day can greatly increase your chances of an early death.

Here is an excerpt from Time’s coverage of the story:

Researchers at the National Cancer Institute compared the life expectancy of those who consistently smoked an average of less than one cigarette per day to those who never smoked in their lives. Those who smoked even at that low rate had a 64% higher risk of early death than those who never smoked at all. Those who smoked between one and 10 cigarettes every day over the course of their lifetimes had a 87% higher risk of dying early.

The new study, which was published Monday in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine, also examined the risk of lung cancer among those who smoked at low rates, or no more than one cigarette per day. They were still nine times more likely to die of lung cancer than those who never smoked at all, and the risk for those who smoked between one and 10 cigarettes per day was 12 times greater.

Maki Inoue-Choi of the National Cancer Institute’s Division of Cancer Epidemiology and Genetics, and the study’s lead author, concluded,

“The results of this study support health warnings that there is no safe level of exposure to tobacco smoke.”

I think such research just adds more value to Bloomberg’s decision to try and curb tobacco use around the world.

One smoke is over the line.

*with a tip of the hat to Brewer and Shipley’s One Toke Over the Line…

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