Owen Is My Kind of Guy

Poor Owen.

He’s just landed a great job at GE, but  his family and friends really don’t understand, nor have an appreciation of, what he does there.

Owen is a software engineer who helps to build software that runs industrial sized equipment that supports a country’s infrastructure. But the people who know Owen aren’t impressed, and either don’t think it’s flashy enough for a software job, or have an outdated image of what GE does.

Speaking of image, it reminds me of a joke we used to tell as kids, but I still remember it:

You tell someone to spell the word “image” and immediately after spelling the word, to say the words “light bulb”.

Get it? I-M-A-G-E light bulb. I thought it was funny every time I did it to someone. I’m sure such a joke helped to spread the brand awareness of G.E. long before the concept of viral marketing was even a glimmer in someone’s eye.

Any who, back to Owen and GE.

I love the advertising campaign that GE has put together using Owen; the commercials are funny, poking fun at Owen and at GE’s image, but doing so in an effective way that at least helps me to understand and remember the message GE is attempting to spread:

GE – The digital company. That’s also an industrial company.

I am sure there is a serious battle for talented programmers these days, and it is probably hard for a company like GE to compete with companies like Facebook, Google, and Apple for that talent.

But there’s no denying the key role that GE plays in our economy, and I would think it would be quite rewarding at the end of the day to realize you were contributing towards such an effort.

I also like the fact that Owen reminds me a little of myself; he’s a bit of a nerd, but comfortable with such a label, and he seems like quite the ladies’ man..

Anyway, I wish GE the best with its recruiting efforts, and continued success as one of the world’s great companies.

Here are the commercials related to the campaign:


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