Reliving My Favorite Broadway Plays Thanks to Spotify

My free three-month trial to Spotify is nearing its end, and I must admit I’ve loved it. In fact, I plan to upgrade to a Family plan once the trial period is over.

One of the features of Spotify that I like is this sense of instant gratification. If there is a song that pops into my head, and I feel like listening to it, I am able to do so in about five seconds. (I guess I wouldn’t have been very good at the marshmallow test).

Recently I’ve been using Spotify to listen to the complete soundtrack to some of my favorite plays.

I guess what kickstarted this was having seen Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat last month.

Then I decided to see if the soundtrack of Camelot was available, and there it was.

Then today we had about a one-hour car trip, and I put on Sound of Music. I think tears come to my eyes every time I listen to Edelweiss.

And then for the return trip home, we listened to the soundtrack from Wicked. Here’s my favorite song from that play.

So it looks like this was a case of a successful free trial, since it has turned me into a paying customer.

I look forward to exploring more of what Spotify has to offer. I think next on my list might be listening to the best songs from some of my favorite Disney movies when our kids were little, like Oliver and Company, The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, and The Lion King.




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