Seth Godin Was Right, We Are Weird

Seth Godin, my favorite marketing guru and bestselling author, published a book a few years ago titled, “We Are All Weird.”

Here’s a short video of an interview Seth did with the President of High Point University where he discusses what the book was about.

When Seth uses the word “weird”, he is referring to those “people who have chosen to avoid conforming to the masses, at least in some parts of their lives”.

Well apparently Seth is not the only person who thinks we are weird.

While reading a research study earlier today about what make for an effective smile, there was reference to an older study that claimed that the results of many of the studies on human behavior could be biased because of the over-sampling of American college students.

In the older study, the researchers referred to such participants as WEIRD, people from Western, Educated, Industrialized, Rich and Democratic societies. Such individuals represent as much as 80 percent of study participants, but only 12 percent of the world’s population, and are not only unrepresentative of humans as a species, but on many measures they’re outliers.

I’m not sure Seth knew about this alternative meaning to the word WEIRD when he wrote his book, but even if he wasn’t, it just lends further credence to the idea that most of us are weird, at least in the U.S. And that’s not even counting the most traditional use of the word, which is used to refer to something unusual or very strange.

So I’m happy to see that my weirdness is not unique.

I’m hoping that means that there are other people who frequently keep doubling the number 2 in their head to see how high they can go or who keep writing a blog post every day, even though less than .000005% of the world reads it.

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