Shhhh… Don’t Tell Anyone, But This Is How I Spent New Year’s Morning…

Today started off like a lot of Sundays, Church followed by an easy workout at Planet Fitness.

Usually that’s followed by bringing coffee and bagels over to my Aunt’s house around 9:00 a.m., but today there was a slight change in plans since my Aunt decided to go to church this morning, instead of her usual Saturday evening mass.

That gave me an extra hour or so before I went to my Aunt’s with breakfast, so I started thinking about what I should do with the extra hour:

  • I could read for a while (right now I’m reading David Brooks’ great book, The Road to Character)
  • I could mindlessly surf the web and my social media accounts
  • I could watch the morning news on TV
  • or….

Or I could watch the next episode of the Gilmore Girls revival show.

I had become a fan of the show this past year while my wife was watching old episodes of the series. I started off by just hearing it play in the background while I was doing something else, then I found myself stealing a glance at the TV every now and then,, and eventually I wound up just sitting on the couch when it came on and watching the shows along with my wife.

So, yes, I was looking forward to the “revival” shows that began airing on Netflix on November 25, consisting of four episodes. The mini-series was titled, “A Year in the Life”, and the episodes were named Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall.

My wife and I were able to watch the first three episodes together, but I somehow fell asleep during the third one, and my wife decided to just keep watching right through the fourth and final one.

Thus, I had some catching up to do, and today seemed like the perfect time to do so.

So I went back to episode three, Summer, and watched it this morning.

Admittedly, some of it was a little hokey, but the town puts on a play about itself -“Stars Hollow: The Musical”, which was fun to watch.

But the best part of the show/musical was Tony Award winning actress Sutton Foster’s beautiful performance of Unbreakable. If you haven’t seen it, here is the clip from the show. You don’t need to know anything about the Gilmore Girls to enjoy the song.

Every time I hear the song, it reminds me of Wicked for some reason.

Now I just have one more episode to watch, and I’ve got over two weeks before classes start up again.

So I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to find the time to catch the final episode, and finally find out what the famous last four words of the show are.

I can’t wait.

And by the way, let’s keep this little secret between us…

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