‘Slow Down, You’re Moving Too Fast’, or ‘Life in the Fast Lane’?

A grocery store in Scotland is giving its customers a choice when they checkout, and it’s not ‘paper or plastic’.

Tesco, a British multinational grocery and general merchandise retailer, has instituted a “relaxed checkout” lane on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings at its store in Forres, a town about 40 kilometers east of Inverness,

Tesco, working with Alzheimer Scotland, wanted to make make life at the checkout less stressful for some of its more vulnerable customers, and has trained its checkout staff to identify any special needs of customers and operate at a speed that suits them.

Wendy Menzies, of Alzheimer Scotland, said: “We welcome this new pilot scheme which will help people with dementia to feel confident in continuing to shop independently in their local community for longer.”

And people with Alzheimer’s are not the only ones who could benefit from this pilot project. “We have people with social anxiety issues, depression, autism, learning difficulties or just basically a mom with three kids who just wants to take it easy when they get to the checkout,” Kerry Speed, a Tesco customer assistant (cashier) told BBC News. (the irony of her last name is not lost on me…)

This approach could also possibly benefit those shoppers who are in more of a hurry, since the people who are in more of a relaxed mode would choose the slower lanes, thus theoretically speeding up the other lanes.

As Aaron Saltzman, of CBC News points out, there are all sorts of techniques and advice out there on how to get out of the grocery store faster.

But what if it’s all wrong?  What if the best way to move faster is actually to let others slow down?

To me, it’s a genius solution to the problems associated with checkout lines.

 So which checkout lane would you choose?

To help you with your decision, I’ve included two classic songs to put you in the right mood…

Slow down, you’re moving too fast…

Life in the fast lane…

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