Some Folks Dream of the Wonders They’ll Do

Before their time on this planet is through…

If you know what song those lines are from, then you must be a member of the Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat fan club.

My wife and I, and two of our sons, had a chance to see the show this afternoon down in Raleigh, where we have been visiting our oldest son for a few days.

The show was put on by the North Carolina Theatre Conservatory’s Master Summer Theatre Arts School, and the performers ranged in age from grade school through college.

I’ve written about this play before, noting that it is my favorite play of all time. This marks our seventh time to see the play, and today’s was one of the best.

Hats off to the director; how he managed to bring all of this together with such a young set of performers is mind boggling.

The talent (and enthusiasm) of the young performers was also extraordinary, and I am grateful for their hard work and their willingness to share that talent with the world.

So in case you were not familiar with the opening lines to this blog, here is a video performance of the song known as The Prologue, from which the lines come.



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