Sorry, Santa, About the Heavy Books

It was the year of the 15 pound plus books.

I thought my book would easily be the heaviest present under our Christmas tree this year.

Back in August I placed a pre-order for Seth Godin’s new book, What Does It Sound Like When You Change Your Mind, which Seth initially referred to as the Titan.

Seth promised that the book would be big, and he delivered on the promise. The book came in at 17 pounds. Here’s a video of an unpacking of the book by one of my sons, Joey, who is also a big Seth fan. Joey also mentions his three favorite books of all time at the beginning of the video.

Anyway, when my book finally arrived (somehow a day after Joey got his copy, and he lives in Hawaii!) I decided to put the book under our Christmas tree (using two hands) and wait open it until Christmas morning, quite confident that it would be, if not the heaviest gift under the tree, certainly the heaviest book under the tree.

Well imagine my concern when our oldest son James opened up one of his gifts, The Complete Calvin and Hobbes (Hardcover Box Set), and he remarked how heavy it was. He was quite excited about the gift (as we all were).

I didn’t want to take away his thunder, but I did think to myself, “wait ’til I open my present.”

A few minutes later I did open my present, and one of the first things I did was put the two books side by side. As you can see in the photo at the top, the Seth book is clearly taller, but my son thought that his book was actually heavier.

So I had to find out. I went to Amazon to look up how heavy the Calvin and Hobbes boxed set was, and it came in at a whopping 22 pounds!

I admitted defeat, but I also tried to quickly change the direction of the conversation by saying how bad I felt for Santa, aka the UPS delivery guy, having to lug these two books down our chimney/to our front door.

So it’s been a fun couple of days with each of us going through our books, which are both wonderful books to put on a coffee table.

I’m also guessing the odds are pretty high that I’ll never own a book as heavy as the Seth book, and the same for my son with his Calvin and Hobbes book.

Unless of course I decide to publish a compilation of all my blog posts…

I’ll be sure to tip Santa well if that ever happens.

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