The Guilt Is Written All Over Her Face (and Her Paws)

As usually happens when we get home, our dog Nellie came running to the front door to greet us when we got back from pizza at my Aunt’s on Friday night. But this time, as you can see from the picture above, something was different.

At first, I couldn’t tell what I was seeing, thinking maybe it was just the lights playing a trick on my eyes. But on closer inspection, it was exactly what it looked like. Somehow Nellie had managed to turn her mouth and her front paws to a shade of pink.

My next thought was that maybe she had gotten into a fight with an animal, and that it was blood all over her (not sure how an animal would have gotten in our house, but I wasn’t thinking clearly.)

As we proceeded into the house, here is what we discovered:


What is that you wonder?

My wife had a bag filled with old plastic apples which she used for one of her school lessons. For some reason, which we’ll never know, Nellie decided to just destroy all of those plastic apples. We’re not sure if she thought they were real, or if she was venting her frustration for not being invited to join us for pizza.

Here is what one of the apples looked like, before Nellie destroyed most of them:


After we cleaned up the apples, the rug looked like it was part of a murder scene. My wife has spent a good deal of time scrubbing the rug to get it back to a condition that we can live with, but since we had already planned to get hardwood floors in that room next summer, we weren’t overly concerned with the slight shade of pink that remains on the rug).

As to Nellie, we tried to wash it off of her, but she didn’t like that, plus it wasn’t working that well anyway. We did succeed in getting most of the pink off her face, but her paws are still a bright shade of pink.

As you might imagine, Nellie could care less. In fact, as I noted at the top, it seems as if she didn’t think she had done anything wrong, running to the door to greet as if nothing had happened. Perhaps she was excited to show off her new look.

And who knows, maybe coloring a dog’s fur will become a thing.

Just remember that you saw it here first.

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