The Reviews Are In – You’re a Slob

We went to see the  Dunkirk movie today (not one of my favorites), and as we were leaving the theater I looked around and was amazed by how many people just left their food and drinks behind them.

It just seems incredibly inconsiderate to do such a thing; are some people so lazy that they can’t carry their garbage to the nearest trash can? Do they think they are above doing such a thing? Do they think buying a movie ticket includes having someone clean up their mess? (hint – it doesn’t)

I think movie theaters need to add another public service announcement to their pre-movie routine, in addition to the no texting and no talking reminders:

“On your way out, please help keep our theater clean for the next moviegoer by throwing away your food and drink in the trash cans that are located next to the exit door. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.”

In addition, maybe now with all of the theaters that have reserved seats, the theater can track who it is that left behind their trash. And the next time that person goes to buy a ticket, the theater can add a cleaning fee to the price of the ticket.

While some people might object to such a policy, there may be others who appreciate that the theater is putting such an emphasis on cleanliness.

So if you are guilty of this slovenly behavior, know that you get three big thumbs down – Siskel, Ebert, and me.

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