The Ultimate in Customer Service


Companies, and consultants, constantly talk about the importance of knowing your customers.

The usual reason given for doing so is that it is more profitable for the business when you know their habits and their preferences.

But the employees at a Domino’s Pizza restaurant in Salem, OR showed that knowing your customers could save their life.

When they realized that Kirk Alexander, one of their customers who ordered almost every day had not ordered in the past 11 days, they sent one of their delivery people out to check on him. When the employee got to customer’s house he realized something that was wrong and called 911.

When deputies arrived, they entered the house and found that Kirk needed immediate medical attention. He was quickly taken to the hospital, where he is now recovering.

I’m sure most of us don’t think that the person delivering your pizza could someday save your life. It just goes to show that every job has value and gives us a chance to make a difference.

So the Cheers song had it right – “Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name”, or in this case, where everyone knows your buying habits.


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