There’s Lazy, There’s Really Lazy, and Then There’s This

Nissan has announced the ProPilot Chair, a fleet of self-driving seats equipped with sensors that allow each chair to detect and follow the one in front of it.

Here’s a video showing off the technology:

When I first saw this, it seemed like the kind of thing Google would do for April Fools’ Day.

But apparently this is a real technology, the same type of technology that is used in its minivan, allowing it to detect and steer around corners, slow down when another car overtakes, and accelerate as a vehicle in front speeds up.

The scenario that is being used to show how these self-driving chairs could be used is waiting in line at a restaurant. It appears as if you just sit down in your chair in the order you arrived, and as it gets closer to your turn, the chair moves you closer and closer to the front of the line.

I love technology, but this one I just don’t get. Are we so lazy that we can’t stand or walk around aimlessly while we wait for our turn? Isn’t too much sitting supposed to be bad for our health? So why would a company develop a technology that encourages such behavior? Plus, aren’t you going to be sitting down to eat your meal in just a short while?

If it’s just a publicity stunt designed to show off some amazing technology, I’m fine with that. I just hope it doesn’t become an actual “thing”.

Because who knows what’s next?

“Alexa, drive me over to the fridge.”
“Alexa, open the fridge and hand me a beer.”
“Alexa, bring me back to my spot in front of the TV.”
“Alexa, call my doctor and ask them if I should be concerned about a sudden weight gain…”

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  1. Jim – I really enjoyed this post. The folks at Lazy-Boy sell a recliner that has a built in cooler so one need not be troubled with a trip to the fridge. Sounds like these folks should put their heads together so that the truly uninspired won’t have to actually walk to the bathroom. Thanks.



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