These Are Google’s Top 10 “How To …” Searches?!

Google recently noticed that “how to…” searches have increased by more than 140% since 2004, and much of that search interest is directed towards how to “fix” things.

In response, Google teamed with award-winning designer Xaquín González Veira to create its latest visual: How to fix a toilet…and other things you couldn’t do without Search.

As part of the visual, data for the top searched “how to’s” around the world are also showcased. Here are the top ten:

  1. how to tie a tie
  2. how to kiss
  3. how to get pregnant
  4. how to lose weight
  5. how to draw
  6. how to make money
  7. how to make pancakes
  8. how to write a cover letter
  9. how to make french toast
  10. how to lose belly fat

It’s a fascinating list; some questions I would have expected to be on the list (how to lose weight), some were a surprise (how to make pancakes), and I’m completely baffled that “how to tie a tie” is the number one “how to” question in the world. If anything, I would have thought that ties are going out of style, and as a result there wouldn’t be much interest in knowing how to tie one.

It also seems like some of the questions may be connected to each other.

  • Once someone learns to make pancakes or french toast, they may soon be asking how to lose weight and belly fat.
  • Someone who just learned how to kiss may be concerned that doing so can make someone get pregnant.
  • And it may be that the answer about how to make money may offer advice such as “there’s no money in drawing, learn to write a cover letter instead.”

I’m also not sure if the list offers any deep insights into the collective mindset of people around the globe. Is the list suggesting:

  • what our priorities are in life
  • that our educational systems are failing us,
  • that families are not passing their knowledge down from generation to generation

Again, those are questions I can’t answer (but maybe Google can).

I’m just happy I didn’t see questions like the following:

  • how to unsubscribe from Borden’s Blog
  • how to avoid having Borden as my teacher
  • how to get back the five minutes I just wasted reading this post

But that may only be because I was too scared to see the list of “how to” questions 11-20…

*image found at Betanews

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