This Is Why I Love Sports

What a great weekend for football, at least if you’re a Penn State/Philadelphia Eagles fan.

The excitement started last night with Penn State’s last second touchdown against Iowa:

And then there was today’s amazing win by the Philadelphia Eagles over the New York Giants as a result of a game-ending 61-yard field goal, by a rookie!

The Eagles win is just one more in a series of miraculous wins over the Giants.

The first one was in 1978, when the Giants quarterback, Joe Pisarcik, fumbled a handoff on what should have been the last play of the game. The fumble was picked up by Herman Edwards, who ran in for a touchdown. This game became known as the Miracle at the Meadowlands.

That was followed by another improbable win in 2003 when Brian Westbrook returned a punt for a touchdown on the last play of the game.

And then history repeated itself when DeSean Jackson did the same thing in 2010. What was even more remarkable about this game was that the Eagles were losing 31-10 with just eight minutes to go in the game. This game became known as the Miracle at the Meadowlands 2.

While it’s certainly more relaxing to watch a game when your team is winning by a comfortable margin, there is nothing quite as exciting as a last-second victory (or as a heartbreaking as a last-second loss).

Fly, Eagles, Fly!

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