This Will Be One of My Favorite Memories from the 2016 Olympics

The other day I wrote about what I considered one of the low points of the Rio Olympics, when Islam El Shehaby of Egypt refused to shake the extended hand of Or Sasson of Israel, after El Shehaby lost to Sasson in an opening round judoka match.

But then today I just heard about the great photo shown above. The picture shows Lee Eun-Ju from South Korea taking a picture of her and Hong Un Jong from North Korea. Even though their countries are technically still at war, and the two of them were getting ready to compete against each other, the athletes came together for a selfie on Monday. Eun-Ju is also shown making the peace sign in the photo.

I can’t imagine any picture that better depicts the Olympic spirit than this. It shows what is possible when people get to know each other.

It reminds me of John Lennon’s words from Imagine:

Imagine all the people living life in peace…

A tip of the hat to Eun-Ju and Un Jong for allowing us to imagine that such a world is possible.

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