Those Hollywood Hills

Another great day in sunny California.

My son and I headed up to L.A to visit Dennis, one of my college roommates. When I typed his address into Google Maps to get a sense of where he was located, it seemed like he was in a pretty good spot.

However, it wasn’t until we arrived, and he showed us the view from his house, that we realized how great a location it was. The picture above is from his kitchen window – yep, that’s the Hollywood sign in the background. That seems like a site you would never get tired of looking at.

Anyway, he suggested a hike up through Griffith Park where the Hollywood sign is located, and my son and I readily agreed. Dennis is an avid hiker, and knew all of the various trails through the park, so for the hike up he took us off the beaten path a little bit and we were treated to some incredible views of downtown L.A. on one side of the mountain, and Burbank on the other side.

Here’s a view from the “back” side of the mountain that overlooks Burbank. The picture below includes some of the movie studios.


Here’s the view from the top, where we are behind the sign, and you can see Hollywood Lake in the background and the ocean even further away. This is where we sat down for a few minutes and had our lunch. It will take some getting used to when I go back to work and eat lunch while sitting behind a desk.


Dennis was not only a great tour guide, he also regaled us with stories of what it’s like to be part of the entertainment industry. My son loved his sense of humor and was laughing almost the entire hike.


They drove walked for miles and miles
up those twisting turning roads
Higher and higher and higher they climbed

After our three-hour, eight mile long hike, we drove back to Dennis’s place. A shower never felt so good, and we then headed out to dinner at Diablo Tacos, which was an excellent choice. The tacos were incredible; in fact my son and I went back for thirds.

After dinner my son was able to make arrangements to see a friend of his from high school that he has not seen in over five years since he moved to L.A. After we dropped him off, Dennis drove the two of us around Hollywood, pointing out the famous sites along Hollywood Boulevard. Parts of the area reminded me of Times Square in NYC.

Seeing Hollywood at night was a great way to end another wonderful, action packed day on our California journey.

He spent all night staring down at the lights of LA
Wondering if he could ever go home

And those Hollywood nights
In those Hollywood hills

Thank you Dennis for being such a knowledgeable and entertaining host!


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