Uneasy Lies the Head That Wears a Crown

This saying is a line from the play King Henry the Fourth, Part Two, by William Shakespeare.

According to dictionary.com, the meaning of this line is that a person who has great responsibilities, such as a king, is constantly worried and therefore doesn’t sleep soundly.

As so often happens, Shakespeare’s words are timeless.

While to outsiders it may appear that those who are at the top, CEOs, Presidents, Kings, Owners, etc., have it easy, the truth is that such individuals are usually under tremendous pressure.

A clear example of this surfaced this past week when Elon Musk opened up on Twitter about some of the struggles he has had, even suggesting he might be somewhat bipolar.

One person had tweeted about how great Musk’s life appears based on his Instagram posts, but then Musk replied that while there are great highs associated with what he does, there are also terrible lows and unrelenting stress.

Musk hasn’t always met with success. According to an article on Marketwatch, Musk has had his share of business failures, nearly died from malaria in 2000, and has been divorced three times.

While it seems that most of his stress-related problems are self-imposed, I am sure there are many people who contribute to that stress by placing unrealistic demands on Musk, demands that they would not place on themselves.

So yes, uneasy lies the head that wears a crown, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t ways for such a crown to be less heavy.

Perhaps the weight of the crown can be shared with others. But doing so will be a matter of both the crown holder asking for help, and for his or her followers offering their help.

So I wish Musk continued success, but more importantly I hope that he is able find some balance in his life, and can take the time to enjoy his success.

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