What Your Passwords Say about You

I laugh every time I see it.

Southwest has just come out with a new commercial in its “Wanna Get Away” series, and I think it’s pretty funny.

The commercial is set in a war room, and apparently the “system” has been breached. A general has been called in, and he is required to reveal his password.

After revealing his embarrassing, but perhaps truthful password, the announcer cues to “Wanna Get Away?”

While searching for the video online, I came across a few sites that had the video, along with some comments.

Most people seemed to enjoy the video, but there were a few who thought it was insulting to the military. I didn’t pick up that at all, but I guess some people were upset enough to say that they would never fly Southwest again. Seems like those people need to Get Away.

Anyway, after watching this video, and having watched a couple of episodes of the show Mr. Robot, it seems like many people use passwords to share a little bit about themselves but at the same time want to keep private.

The “ihatemyjob1” password is a perfect example.

Another example is from the TV show Mr. Robot. In one scene, Eliot, the protagonist, phones one of his prey, pretending to be a bank officer (he’s already found out where the target banks), and asks, as part of a “security review,” for his address, favorite sports team, and pet’s name. From that information, Elliot pieces together the guy’s password.

From what I’ve read online, such an approach is often successful.

So you may want to think twice about what you use as your password, particularly if it reveals something about you that you would prefer to keep secret.

In fact, after writing this blog, I realized that I may need to change mine, “My_blog_only_has_13_subscribers”.

P.S. If you haven’t heard of the Mr. Robot show, here is a trailer from Season 1. Season 2 just ended, so there’s not much you would need to catch up on if you like it. It won the 2016 Golden Globe awards for Best Drama TV series, best actor, and best supporting actor.



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