What’s Your Pacifier?

There’s not many things better in life than holding a newborn, and I got a chance to do so today while visiting my wife’s relatives.

While I was holding her, she started to get a little fussy, with her arms and legs flailing, her back arching, and some crying.

Someone popped a pacifier in her mouth, and the transformation was remarkable. The fussing stopped, I could feel her body relax, and she seemed to go back to sleep. The whole transformation took less than two seconds.

As I watched the process repeat itself multiple times over the course of the evening – baby fusses, baby given pacifier, baby calms down, it got me thinking.

Everybody, no matter their age, should have a pacifier.

We all get upset, we get fussy. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was something that would calm us down almost instantly.

Maybe that’s the role that cigarettes serve for some people. Or a quick shot of whiskey for others. But those don’t seem like the healthiest choices.

Perhaps a deep breath, or 15 seconds of meditation, or a few jumping jacks could do the trick, in a more positive way.

And when all else fails, and you’re looking for a way to relax, there’s always my lecture explaining the concepts of debits and credits:

I know it has quite the calming effect on my students.

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