Who Knew a Porta-Potty Could Bring Out Your Creative Side

Today was the Philadelphia International Dragon Boat Race, and you couldn’t have asked for a better day. The weather was perfect and our team, Friends of Linda Creed, had our best performance ever, qualifying for the B division for the first time.

There’s a good deal of free time between races, and so I decided to take a walk past all of the competitor’s tents. It’s quite a festive atmosphere, with lots of food, games of cornhole, and decorated Porta-Potties.

That’s right, decorated Porta-Potties.

Surely one of the most disgusting (but useful) products ever developed, there were dozens of Porta-Potties throughout the Athlete’s Village. Some of the Porta-Potties were public ones, and some of the teams rented their own.

It was these private Porta-Potties that caught my attention, because many of them were decorated. Someone told me that there was actually a separate competition for the best decorated Porta-Potty, and some of the teams took the challenge quite seriously (and humorously).

Here’s a gallery of the decorated Porta-Potties. I admire the creativity of these decorators, but to paraphrase President Obama: “You can wrap an old fish in a piece of paper … it’s still gonna stink.”













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