Who Knows, I Could Be the Barney Fife of My Hometown

Last night, along with my son, I attended my first meeting as a member of the Citizens Police Academy (CPA) of Radnor Township, Class 2017-03.

Here’s a description of the program from the Radnor web site:

The CPA is a program designed to provide participants with a working knowledge of the Radnor Township Police Department. This educational and informative program allows citizens the opportunity to learn more about the issues that affect law enforcement in Radnor Township and the country.

The CPA consists of a series of classroom instruction and practical field exercises held one evening per week for 2-3 hours per session. The program lasts for 9 sessions and is offered to residents & businesses of Radnor Township at no cost.

The main goal of the CPA is to provide the residents of Radnor Township a higher level of knowledge and insight into the workings of their police department. Graduates of the CPA will gain a deeper understanding of the men and women who are protecting the Radnor Community on a daily basis and through this training and working together, will foster a positive image of the police and community interaction. Graduates will have future opportunities to work as volunteers with the Radnor Police Department.

When residents take a more personal role in their community and the protection of their neighborhoods, they will enjoy a safer and closer relationship with their neighbors and local government and the Police. Residents who complete the training will be provided with a certificate of accomplishment and have opportunities to assist the RPD with various projects and to work with the new Radnor Community Police Organization.

To give you a sense of the types of topics discussed during the Academy, here is the weekly course schedule:


  • Introduction & Orientation
  • Local Radnor Government Overview & Tour of Police Headquarters
  • Ride Day Coordination / Issuance of Equipment
  • Meet Radnor Citizen Police Organization Members


  • Patrol Division Overview
  • New Recruit Hiring Process – Use of Force Lecture


  • Firearms and Use of Force (Practical Station)


  • Highway Patrol-Traffic Safety / D.U.I
  • Accident Investigation /Motorcycles


  • Criminal Investigations
  • Juvenile Justice System


  • Radnor (Central Delco) SWAT Team / Hostage Negotiation
  • Motorcycle Unit / Delaware County Command Truck


  • K-9 Demonstration
  • Radnor Emergency Management
  • Bike Unit
  • Animal Control


  • Traffic Stops- Practice Exercise


  • Course Review
  • Graduation Reception

It looks like a great program, and based on last night’s class, my son and I are quite happy that we signed up for the Academy.

It is a great opportunity to not only learn about all our local police do for us, but to get to know them on a more personal level as well.

We are fortunate to live in a township that offers programs such as the Citizens Police Academy and the Community Emergency Response Team course that my son and I took this past Fall.

So thank you to the dedicated men and women of the Radnor Police Department for your willingness to allow the township residents to get a behind the scenes look of the great work that you do.

By the way, in addition to the formal classes, we also get to do a four-hour ride along with one of the patrol officers during his or shift. I’m just hoping it’s nothing like the movies:

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