My 30-Year Streak Is Over

I had hoped to make it until I retired, but unfortunately it did not work out that way.

Today I sent an email to my students canceling my classes for the day because I was not feeling well. The problem is a blocked tear duct, which I wrote about before, and you can see the consequences of the condition in the picture above.

That was the first time in 30 plus years I have sent such an email. I estimate over that time period I taught for close to 3,500 days.

So I accomplished my one goal of beating Cal Ripken, Jr., but fell about six years short of my ultimate goal.

Oh well, I guess it’s time to start a new streak…

P.S. the puffy eye is not the result of a disagreement with a Trump supporter…

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Jim Borden

Accounting Prof. at Villanova; happily married for 30+ years; father of 3 outstanding young men; vegan; interests: fitness, creativity, education, blogging, social media.

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